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The Raven Salon Chair

The White Rabbit Salon Chair

Lily Koi Tattoo Connection the Private Salon & Gallery

Connecting Collectors to Creators

A Spa-like Relaxing Environment

for both clients and creative

iesza jessica Robson-Smith 

( pronounced i-sa )


Art Director / Veteran Tattoo Designer / your Host

tattooing and designing for various industries

for over 20 years

Available for Private Design Consultations, 

Tattoo Applications & Graphic Design services.

From the Salon  at 422 Tranquille OR remotely for consultations



In Sahali, she has partnered with The Dolce Vita Day Spa, an upper city location for consultation or light tattoo application within the Spa Sunday, Monday or Tuesday by appointment only. Select Sahali Location here.

Connect with iesza in Valleyview through Pink With Envy day spa. A beautiful wellness  spa in the Valleyview shopping strip just off the highway next to Bosley's Pets.   

Select Valleyview Location here.

learn more about iesza here.

iesza is sharing her Private Lily Koi Salon

The Salon at 422 Tranquille is a Relaxed, Spa-like,

Design-Focussed Private Space. 

Available to accredited independent designers

Nail Techs &/or RMTs

(with pre-arranged clients)

Check here for salon rental availability



The Private Lily Koi Salon Neighbourhood

422 Tranquille Road Kamloops BC.

Lily Koi Salon is a quiet & convenient space on Tranquille Road of the Artistic District of the North Shore of Kamloops BC. We have two entrances. On street level and within the Effie Arts Collective Building. The Effie Arts Collective is a gorgeous boutique STAGE HOUSE hosting everything from Improve Events, Regular Comedy Nights, Musical Performances & even Super Sexy Burlesque shows !!!  Hundreds of new eyeballs pass our interior windows on a weekly basis. So visiting designers and practitioners can expose their talents during those events, should they choose. 

The Private Lily Koi Salon is located within walking distance to some of THE BEST International Restaurants, Tapas Bars, Gourmet Coffee Shops, Curio Gift Shops, Artisanal Bakeries and Ale Breweries in Kamloops! Street Parking is free, wheelchair accessible.

See Local NSBIA events & Offerings here.


If you give us a good amount of notice by booking the space early - we can announce your arrival to the community of neighbouring businesses & creative collectors for a truly welcoming experience.


Rental is for Pre-Arranged client appointments only.

in order to maintain the relaxed, personal atmosphere

of the salon and private client focus. 

The door must remain locked during rental time.

Lily Koi Tattoo Connection, Salon & Gallery are here for YOU.  

We are all about supporting YOU

and your personal artistic expression ! 

Soul, Personality & Artistry 
the heart of Lily Koi Tattoo Connection
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