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Lily Koi Tattoo Spa - Artistic Oasis


The Raven Salon Chair

The White Rabbit Salon Chair

Welcome to Lily Koi Tattoo
Private Salon & Gallery

Lily Koi Salon & Gallery is a serene sanctuary for Refined, Personal,

Artistic Expression with a Relaxed, Intimate, Spa-like atmosphere.


A Uniquely Personal, Tranquil, Private Salon

Providing tattoo design and work opportunities

for creatives and wellness practitioners.


Located on Tranquille Road in the upcoming

North-Shore Arts District of Kamloops BC.


iesza (pronounced i-sa) is sharing her Private Salon & Art Gallery

with a Comfy Little Consultation Lounge  

 Come sit, have tea and without pressure to commit,

discuss how we can help you

attain your goals.

Book a "Tea Time" consultation appointment here.


We support Visiting / Independent local Creatives, Massage Therapists, Nail Techs, Permanent Makeup Artists and Clients

with a dedicated guest chair available for daily or weekly rental !


Check for Availability

daily/weekly salon rental is for accredited/insured creatives only

Click here for more details

Soul, Personality & Artistry 
the heart of Lily Koi Tattoo Connection
Where Collectors connect with Creators.
Lily Koi Tattoo Spa

An intimate space where tranquility meets artistry

An Artistic Wellness Oasis in a busy-busy world.

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