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iesza (pronounced - isa) 
Professional Designer, Art Director


 Who is iesza?

She is new to Kamloops

- But not "New" to tattoo -

iesza (pronounced i-sa) is Owner of Lily Koi Tattoo Connection, an accomplished Graphic Designer and Deeply Credited Film industry Art Director & Prop Builder.


iesza has over 25 years of tattoo design experience.


But she doesn't push her artworks here, this experience is all about YOU. Your style, Your tattoos.


iesza was one of the first female tattoo artists on Vancouver Island in 1994. She began her tattoo career as a teenager, drawing flash for Mr Zane then soon after helped establish the first Urge tattoo in Victoria before there were three franchises in Canada.


She learned the craft from the ground up, learned to build her own tattoo equipment, from straight metal to chromed functional machines and hand built the needles & tubes.


She left the Urge tattoo shop in 1997 for a long Film industry career, maintaining her own private tattoo salon and casual clients in Vancouver. Her tattoo creations have even appeared in several predominant TV series and films, showcasing her dual passion for tattoos and film. 

Having recently settled in Kamloops, wanting to create something worthwhile & contribute to the community, iesza has leveraged her industry knowledge and Art Director / Design skills to build a way for independent tattoo creators and tattoo collectors to connect.

As the owner of Lily Koi Tattoo Connection, Offering her new Private Salon for professional designers and wellness practitioners this cozy space, with a Spa-like relaxing atmosphere, may be the thing to make her feel at home.


Whether a collector or creator, iesza is looking forward to connecting creatives and help everyone achieve their artistic self-expression goals.

Have questions? email iesza directly 

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