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Dedicated to tattoo designers, helping expand your brand

  • Individual Artist Representation

    Connecting Clients to Your Preferred Style is our Priority. Extend your reach, Expand your Brand !
    Free Plan
    • Vetted Clients sent to your location with UTM number
    • Representation of your style at public events and gallery
    • A dedicated portfolio bio of your style in our gallery
    • Your business cards in our studio
    • Actively gathering Clients for you at public events
  • Independent Designer Health Plan

    Every month
    +$50 Accreditation and Processing
    Medical Dental for independent or Private Studio Artists
    • Access to group medical / dental plan
    • free accreditation fee
  • YOUR artwork on Silk, Cotton or Satin !

    Have your designs printed on fabric for your extra crafts. Make new products with your Designs.
    • Graphic preparation of your flash for fabric print
    • Your approved design sent to Fabric Printer on your behalf
    • Sewing Fabric into product - TO BE DISCUSSED
  • Graphic Design

    Digital Graphic Design from a designer who understands the tattoo industry
    Valid for 7 days
    • Logo Design / Business Cards
    • Portfolio Layout / Print materials
    • Creating Vector images of your artwork - prep for printing
    • Your graphics / flash on t-shirts *Costs vary
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